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Secondary Education

STEAM learning is the perfect way to bring excitement, exploration and experiential learning into the classroom. 

Using the latest tools in education technology, STEAM activities challenge students to explore potential solutions, design their own approach to problem-solving, define their answers and deliver realised ideas.

Student learning in secondary school is about original thinking and explorative problem-solving. STEAM Ahead Australia can provide guidance on STEAM learning to your school and educators in the following ways:

  • Professional Development (NESA-accredited) for all educators in STEAM learning principles and activities.

  • Mapping STEAM programs and activities to current school curriculum. 

  • Develop customised learning experience for students across learning stages 4-6 of the secondary school curriculum.

  • Consulting on your school’s STEAM approach and recommending best-in-class products for STEAM learning.

  • Using STEAM to communicate and explore STEM concepts for all students.

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